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The Nico ambassadors are a group of individuals whose style and passion for what they do are the perfect partnership for what Nico stands for. A blend of classic and contemporary, each unique in their own character.


ollie thompson

Pure talent - Ollie has never been far from the studio or stage since he embarked on his musical career at a young age…

His powerful, electric style of playing guitar was noticed immediately. At 17 he joined Bryan Ferry and Roxy Music, touring around the world playing iconic venues such as Wembley Stadium and the Royal Albert Hall.

Recording on numerous recent Ferry albums and co-writing tracks featuring the likes of Johnny Marr and Flea. Ollie has made an impression right from the start. So it is only right he rocks the sharp and bold Nico II…

He will no doubt make his mark again with the creation of left-field pop duo ONE ELEVEN. They’ll be hitting the road with dark cinematic sounds in 2019 — Go follow their musical journey here!

Nico Orange Pentax 5.jpg

Paul wale

Bassist / Producer - Paul holds down the bottom line for a number of musical outfits. Know for his eccentric fashion sense and love of classic cars. Style and taste is at the heart of all Nico ambassadors — especially Paul — it was only right for him to be the first face of Nico!

His frame of choice is the original Nico in horn acetate: “The Nico reminds me of the smooth sharp lines of a Jaguar XJS” — Line and form is intrinsic to the aesthetic of glasses as it is to cars… Respect Paul!

Nico Film 4.jpg

Jon moody

Musical Master - Like all Nico ambassadors Jon is not tied to one spectrum, music in all forms is his passion.

Long time supporter Jon has rocked the original Nico since the first edition and now wears the Nico II in matte horn acetate… Ambassador!

His most prevalent project is FRANC MOODY, who craft funky disco grooves to lift listeners spirits into outer space. Sounds born out of the old and new. FRANC MOODY is a strict Contemporary Classic!

Go and soak up some star dust…



Passionate Soul - Music from the depths, Quiet Man brings forward intimate musical creations.

Like all ambassadors he draws influence from the old and the new. Dusting it with his own contemporary flavour. Smooth heartfelt melodies break into funky uplifting jams, emotive for all. Go tap into his soul!

Quiet Man keeps his cool rocking midnight blue lenses, bespoke from N.T.E.


gus cross

Creator extraordinaire - Artist, photographer, producer, there are many strings to Gus’s bow… Not least his ability to enjoy life to the fullest!

Original supporter of N.T.E and an integral part in the production of the Nico brand.

Check out his various media streams for light paintings that will blow your mind, and if your in need of any form of photography or production, he’s your man!